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2007 Help Still Needed

Recently 4Paws has been contacted by people who had given homes to cats originally rescued from the Gulf Region after Hurricane Katrina. Unfortunately, what we thought were permanent homes are turning out to not be. Some of our cats rescued after the hurricane and adopted into homes are now being returned to 4Paws. Also, though this tragedy happened two years ago, 4Paws still has feline refugees from Katrina that have not yet been adopted into permanent homes. You can scroll to the bottom of this page to see the pictures and stories about the Katrina refugees still waiting for homes.

The streets of New Orleans still have abandoned animals struggling to survive.  Click here to read about their hardships and how you can help.

2006 Rescue Trip

Click here to read about the recent trip to aid the feline victims of Hurricane Katrina...

Oct 2005 Rescue

Feline Refugees of Rita/Katrina Second Group - 30+ Rescued

Click here to read about our second trip to rescue the feline victims of Hurricane Rita...

Sept 2005 Rescue

A Collaborative Effort To Rescue Animal Victims of Hurricane Katrina

Click here to read about our first trip to rescue the feline victims of Hurricane Katrina...

Your Support is Vital to the Survival of these Cats and Kittens

To see how you can help the feline victims of both Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita, click here.

In Appreciation

4Paws would like to thank the following animal hospitals and organizations for their ongoing help and support with the feline victims of Hurricane's Katrina and Rita.

Refugees Up for Adoption

The following Katrina and Rita cats are settled into their foster homes are are looking for new forever homes. Click on their picture or name to read their stories.