A Sweet, Friendly Chonk of Love Looking for a New Home!

Teddy is a very sweet fellow, a gentle, loving and chubby cat! He loves attention, and to be petted and rubbed. He enjoys affection, and is so happy for human friendship. If you’ve got a couch and a bed, and space to play, you’re Teddy’s kind of companion! Teddy is a big boy, and weighs 16 lbs. He’s on a diet, it's working very well, and he enjoys it! He was overweight at 22 lbs when he came to 4Paws, and he feels much better now. Teddy likes to play with toys, and go around the whole house, so he gets his exercise. He’ll make a wonderful companion for some lucky person or family. 

Teddy had quite a life before he came to us. He was adopted almost 8 years ago as a tiny orange and white kitten from a shelter, by a couple in Washington, DC. They liked him, but when the wife moved away, Teddy was treated roughly. Poor Teddy tried to be friendly but neighbors reported that he was mistreated. Teddy did enjoy sitting on his second floor porch and interacting with the neighbor children in the yard below, and everyone around there knew him! 

Two years ago, one kind resident told a 4Paws volunteer that they could see Teddy was very ill. Our volunteers got the owner’s permission and had Teddy hospitalized, and helped him through the illness. The owner wouldn’t relinquish him to us, but we kept an eye on Teddy's situation. Last year the man moved away and left Teddy alone in the empty apartment! We were alerted, and public housing authorities helped us get him out of the empty building before some heavy construction began. Teddy was so happy to have gentle people care for him, be sweet to him, and provide him a loving foster home. He’s a guy who doesn’t look back, and has nothing but sweetness and friendship to offer everyone he meets. So now lucky Teddy can find his forever home with great people who will love him forever! 

If you’re looking for a gentle and loving companion, and you have room in your home for Teddy to move around and maintain his new healthy figure, and comfy furniture, Teddy is your guy. He lives with other cats in his foster home, but would be fine as an only cat. He likes his humans! He’ll always return your good feelings, he’s so happy to be given a second chance and a new life. 

Teddy was born in 2012. He enjoys special Royal Canin prescription kibble, and canned food twice daily. He’s neutered, vaccinated, tests negative for FIV/FeLV, and microchipped.

Please e-mail us if you're interested in Teddy. Be sure to include your phone number in your message. Please limit inquiries to the Greater Washington, D. C. area except for barn cats.