A Cuddlebug of Pure Sweetness Looking for a New Home!

Nico came to 4Paws from a shelter in West Virginia, and his early life was hard. Regardless of his life before 4Paws, Nico is enjoying it now. He is in a happy place where he can get lots of his favorite thing: pets from people! Nico loves to be held and cuddled and provides head-butts and chin kisses. 

One can tell Nico has had a hard life from his appearance--he arrived to 4Paws with corneal adhesions in his right eye and ears full of gunk and mites. A specialist was able to remove some of the eye damage, but an amount of scar tissue remains. He has vision in that eye, though it is partially reduced. It does not hinder him in any way and is not expected to be a problem in the future. Nico’s ears were tended to, and his hearing was not affected. Nico also has a stumpy tail that has a twist at the end, a toe with no fur on it, and a slight limp. We can only imagine what happened to him before he was taken in by 4Paws. 

Nico is neutral towards most other cats and accepts calm dogs. He has shown a clear preference for human company, so he would be OK in a home as the only cat if he gets the attention he craves. Nico is very tolerant of human handling and chatters as if to have a conversation with you. He is sensitive in a loud environment with a crowd of people, o he may do best in a more low-key house without a lot of hubbub. And after what we can imagine Nico has gone through, who can blame him? 

Nico is estimated to have been born in 2018. He has been microchipped, vaccinated, neutered, and tested negative for FeLV and FIV.

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